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Our aim is to become one of the best creative production studios to work for.

We try to provide an environment our employees will enjoy, so that you can give your best! Get to know us better and see below a couple of reasons why our team like working at Rimagine!

As part of JPG, a global packaging design agency with headquarters in London and offices in Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S., Rimagine is able to offer you career opportunities in photography, design, branding, prepress, packaging or print management.

Our aim is to find and keep exceptional talents, loving what they do. Check out our current job openings below.

Available Positions

Please check back soon!

Why Join Rimagine?

We offer a nice working environment, the ideal place to work in a creative job in Dallas.


With locations around the World, we have an international and cross-culture team.


Our facilities are beautiful and state-of-the-art photography studios!

We are proud to count some of the world’s leading brands as our clients.


After 10 years in the biz, we have an extensive and diverse network of talent and artists.


We have organized 1,000s of projects – benefit from the experience of your peers!


Our production team runs like a well-oiled machine.


Our parent company, JPG, is a global packaging design company – great career opportunities!


Good coffee all day to keep you energised!


Job Profiles

We offer our talents a big variety of different career paths – ranging from the creative to production to the administrative.

Generally, you can find following positions and roles within the studio:

As a photographer at Rimagine, you shoot products, people and places – either in our studios, or on-location. Typically, our photographers are very versatile and can shoot a series of high-end furniture on Monday, a fashion shoot on Tuesday, a room set for a UK retailer on Wednesday, a professional golf pro at a country club on Thursday and an advertising visual for an ad agency on Friday. All our photographers have their own dedicated assistants to help them with lighting, equipment and preparation. Photographers also have a lot of direct contact with the client.

If you are interested in photography, but you don’t have a lot of experience yet, you can start as a photographer’s assistant. You will get a thorough training in all areas which are important: equipment, lighting, client interaction, briefings, etc. The ‘perfect’ assistant has a patient character and a strong desire to learn.

A Producer manages the end to end aspects of a project. This typically involves location scouting, hiring artists such as hair and make-up artists (HMA), set stylists, fashion stylists, food stylists, photographers, retouchers, designers or set builders, and talent, such as models, actors, extras, etc. The Producer is usually very involved in the pre-production of a project.  Senior Producers are extremely resourceful and know where to get what or who to ask.

Rimagine has a large network and is constantly looking for more seasoned and experienced interior and set stylists, hair-and-make up artists, food stylists, fashion stylists and etc.  If you have experience working in the field, or are interested in pursuing a career path in this area don’t hesitate to contact us.

If your interest lies in final artwork preparation or if you are a trained or experienced graphic technician, you might be interested in a Production Artist position. On a daily basis, we prepare a lot of final artworks for catalog/brochure pages or packaging line extensions. After the client approves the work, we also often get 4C proofs done to verify the color. Once the client approves the proofs, the actual printing starts where we are often on-site for the first print-runs, supervising the process and ensuring color accuracy.

A business developer liaises and meets existing or potential clients to consult with them how to best use their budget. A business developer typically has a outgoing personality, is not afraid of approaching companies and contacts and enjoys presenting himself in front of groups of people. He or she constantly prepares contracts, discusses these internally with account managers, retouchers, producers and photographers, and externally with clients.

Junior Photographers at Rimagine, sometimes also called ‘Shooters’, have passed the assistants phase but don’t have the experience to be a senior photographer. On a daily basis, shooters create a lot of photographs of products for our long-term retail clients. It’s a lot of packshots, but also beauty shots and some simple room sets. The big quantity of shots ensures that shooters are always ‘shooting’ and therefore, this is the perfect training to become a senior photographer.

As an account manager at Rimagine, you are in constant contact with our clients whose accounts you manage. Typically, one account manager manages a couple of different accounts. Also, you will be focusing on the planning and pre-production part of the shoots. For large jobs, you work hand-in-hand with the appointed producer (see below). Account managers prep a lot of quotes, discuss those with the customers and the according teams and once the client has confirmed the quotation or budget of the project, the actual project planning starts. Experienced account managers ensures that projects happens on-time and on-budget.

Retouching is an important complement to the photography process. A typical and simple product shot might take ten minutes to take, but may easily take multiple hours to ‘touch up’, depending on the retouching requirements and product condition. As a full-time retoucher, you work hand-in-hand with the photography and producing teams, and work on all images which are created in-studio or on-location. Besides standard touch-up work, our retouchers also do high-end creative and skin retouching, image compositions, colour work and manipulations.

Graphic Designers create layouts of catalogs, brochures, packaging or other marketing material. Having a full-service photography and retouching team under the same roof, Rimagine offers a unique environment for Graphic Designers. If there is something which you can not find in our image database or on any image stock website, we can easily brief and organize an in-house shooting and arrange it ourselves. Working hand-in-hand with all other teams, you will find a creative environment with an interesting and international team who can brainstorm and give you feedback.


Companies like Daltile, Frito-Lay, and Michael's put their trust in us – so can you!